Night light JC8630 LORI Night light JC8630 LORI Night light JC8630 LORI Night light JC8630 LORI

LED night light JC8630 LORI

Night light LORI ensures with its warm light that your baby can orientate itself in the dark.

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With our LORI night light, your baby can find its way in the dark

When young children wake up at night, the complete darkness around them often makes them feel uncomfortable and they start crying. Simply plug LORI into the socket. Use the slider to switch the light on or off. At night or in the dark, the warm light provides your bundle of joy with initial orientation and has a calming effect.


  • On and off switch on the night-light (slider)
  • LED light: 1 x 0,5 watt

Operation and use

  • For reassurance: helps children get their bearings at night
  • For children’s bedrooms and halls


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
colour: white
Weight: 50 g
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