Anti-slip tape JC6324 BL ZOE

Anti-slip tape JC6324 ZOE

Stick one for safety - namely anti-slip strip ZOE on stair treads.

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Anti-slip strip ZOE prevents slipping on steps.

Whiz quickly down the stairs in bare feet or socks just for a moment? Everybody does that, don't they? Just as you winter-proof your garden, simply make your stairs non-slip for your tiny tot and apply our ZOE anti-slip strip. The advantage here: Then you too can safely sprint down the stairs in socks without exposing yourself to the danger of bone fractures at a somewhat older age.
Application example - JC6324 BL ZOE


  • 24 millimetres x 4 metres, can be cut to size

Operation and use

  • Reduces the risk of falls in slippery areas
  • For stair treads, entrance areas, ladders (e.g. for bunk beds) and rooms with high humidity (e.g. bathrooms)


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
colour: black
Weight: 82 g
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