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With this door viewer for door thicknesses from 35 to 53 millimetres, you know exactly who is standing in front of the front door. The scratch-resistant glass lens sits in a robust brass housing. The wide-angle lens allows a 180-degree view.

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Door viewer with scratch-resistant lens made of high-quality glass.

Tricksters are regularly up to nuisance. If you want to reliably protect yourself against these criminals, this door viewer is part of the basic equipment. The peephole has a cover cap that prevents light from escaping from inside the home and a wide-angle lens of approx. 180 degrees. The lens is made of high-quality, scratch-resistant glass and sits in a robust brass housing. The door viewer is suitable for door thicknesses from 35 to 53 millimetres.


  • Wide angle lens: approx. 180°
  • Adjustable, for door thicknesses between 35 - 53 mm
  • Brass casing
  • Cover cap prevents light from being seen from outside
  • Glas lens

Operation and use

  • For house entrance doors and flat entrance doors
  • Easy to look through


  • Finishes: brown, silver, gold
  • For thicker doors mm extensions are available (wide angle view will be reduced)
  • Covering rosette available to adjust the door viewer to an existing hole


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colour: silver
Security Level Home Security: 5
Design: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
Weight: 34 g
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