Wireless window power unit HomeTec Pro FSA3550

HomeTec Pro FSA3550

Loud and strong: The window operator locks your patio doors securely at the touch of a button. Two locking points withstand a pressure resistance of one ton each (The pole sets are not included in the scope of delivery).

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With two locking points and a loud alarm function, this window drive thwarts burglars.

If you often exit your house through the patio door, you need a convenient way to securely lock the door behind you. The radio window lock drive not only has a 110 decibel loud alarm signal function, but also two locking points that can withstand a pressure resistance of one ton each. And while burglars have a visibly hard time, you can easily lock your patio door at the touch of a button. The mechanical closing function is retained after assembly. Optionally, you can also open the door using a programmable code.
  • Made in Germany
Application example - FSA3550


  • Optimum ease of use thanks to optional wireless remote control and/or wireless keypad
  • Maximum security through AES 128 bit encryption
  • 3D alarm sensor system triggers a 110 dBA alarm as soon as a break-in attempt is detected
  • Locking bars with two locking points with pressure resistance of more than one tonne
  • Fully automatic pairing of the power unit
  • Mechanical closing remains possible, electronic control works even when the locking cylinder is pressed in thanks to dual drive

Operation and use

  • Opening and locking the patio door at the push of a button or by entering a code


  • Colours: brown, white, silver


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
colour: white
Funk vernetzt: Yes
Weight: 2603 g
Design: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
alarm function: Yes
Window type: Balcony door / patio door, Basement window, Single casement window
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