Drawer lock JC4400 LENNY

Drawer lock JC4400 LENNY

Drawer lock LENNY prevents drawers from being opened.

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Drawer lock LENNY keeps the drawer closed!

Taming curiosity? That hardly works even when you're already an adult! So how will children fare in this? But some things are just not meant for children's hands: Medicines, toxic cleaning agents and many more alike. LENNY therefore inconspicuously and effectively secures drawers and cupboard doors against unwanted clearing out.


  • Installation: Screw in from the inside
  • Discreet, inconspicuous design
  • Included in the scope of delivery: Screws

Operation and use

  • Clamp protection prevents children’s hands from getting caught
  • Locks cupboards and drawers, for example, those containing dangerous substances (medicines, cleaning materials and more)
  • For drawers and cupboards


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colour: white
Weight: 33 g
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