TV tilt protection JC4800 ISA

TV tilt protection JC4800 ISA

Protect computer monitors, flat-screen TVs and the like with the ISA TV anti-tip strap!

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When tiny tots see their favourite animal on TV or on the computer screen, there's usually no stopping them!

To ensure that a screen stays where you have mounted it, our ISA anti-tip strap helps. It secures any monitor - whether it is mounted on the wall or placed on a dresser or desk.
Application example - JC4800 ISA Application example - JC4800 ISA


  • Simple installation
  • Can be fixed to the wall or a piece of furniture
  • Strap length: variable/adjustable
  • Included in the scope of delivery: Installation materials

Operation and use

  • Prevents flat screens (TV, PC, etc.) from tipping forward


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colour: black
Weight: 178 g
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