Electrical door opener ET60


Your new electric door opener must be simple to install, easy to operate and safe at the same time. The ABUS door opener fulfils these criteria. It can be used universally and withstands resistances of over 300 kilograms.

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This door opener can be operated at the touch of a button and is versatile.

Whether apartment building, commercial property or company building. If you do not have direct access to the front door, you can resort to an electric door opener. However, it must be uncomplicated to use and safe at the same time. This opener meets these criteria. Its latch can be easily aligned with the latch of the mortice lock used and it can be used universally for DIN right and DIN left doors. It safely withstands a resistance of over 300 kilograms.


  • Rated voltage 8 - 14 Volts, suitable for AC/DC
  • With latch adjustment and mechanical unlocking
  • Power consumption: 0,7 A bei 12 V AC
  • Electric resistance: 12 Ω bei 12 V AC
  • Resistance against attacks 3.000 N

Operation and use

  • Universally suitable for DIN right and left doors


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colour: black
Design: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
Weight: 200 g
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