Electrical door opener ET85 EK Electrical door opener ET85


Compact all-rounder: With this electric door opener, you get a product that is quick to install and easy to operate.

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Compact design, universal application possibilities: This electric door opener convinces with quick assembly and precise latch adjustment.

If you are looking for an electric door opener for your apartment building, business or other commercial property that is compact and quick to install, this opener is your answer. Its latch can be easily aligned with the latch of the mortice lock used, it can be used universally. Its small design facilitates mounting on the lock. A precise trap adjustment is used for this. The opener can be used for DIN right and DIN left doors.


  • Rated voltage 8-16 Volts, suitable for AC/DC
  • Slim dimensions due to the symmetrical construction
  • With latch adjustment

Operation and use

  • Universally suitable for DIN right and left doors


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colour: silver
Design: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
Weight: 134 g
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