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770A SmartX™ Smart is the key

Familiar top security—more convenient than ever! Locking without a key, just via app:

The 770A SmartX is the first smart lock from ABUS. World renowned ABUS security now in a keyless design. Your smartphone is your key, and it can remain in your pocket for the ultimate in convenience.

Smartphone instead of Key

Your smartphone becomes the key: The corresponding ABUS app (iOS or Android) is coupled with the lock via keycard.  When the user approaches his bike with the smartphone, it unlocks the lock. To open it, the user only has to pull the shackle out of the lock body. When locking it works exactly the opposite way: plug it together, activate the alarm, walk away, be safe!

The included keycard enables access to the lock.

The SmartX is the first ABUS U-lock to have a Bluetooth receiver. On this encrypted channel, the lock receives its signals from the smartphone - just as secure as the lock itself and more individual than any key.
Notice:  This lock has no GPS function besides the Bluetooth function.

One lock multiple users 

Each 770A SmartX can be used by several people. The administrator decides whether to grant temporary or permanent access. For the cargo bike behind the house or the children's trailer at the daycare center - this is how family closure works in the 21st century!

Or grant permanent access to the lock.
You can manage multiple locks in the app, an ideal feature for families.

Alarm function

With the integrated alarm function, the 770A SmartX offers extra security. The 3D Position Detection detects the slightest movements and triggers a deterrent alarm. In case of light touches, the lock only emits a short warning tone. However, if the sensors detect an attempted theft, the alarm tone rises to a deafening 100 decibels.

Weather resistant

The lock remains safe at all times despite the cold, rain and wind.



770A/160HB230 SmartX™ blue without bracket

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