Cool head during top performance

The name speaks for itself. AirBreaker – a road helmet made for perfect ventilation and aerodynamics. The AirBreaker makes no difference whether you are fascinated by high mountains, long distances or high speeds. Outstanding ventilation, best aero data and a weight you barely feel makes the AirBreaker your top model in every race. Keeping a cool head for all high performances.


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Made for extremes

Endless distances and four-digit elevation gain, incredible speeds and hot asphalt. Your day on the bike knows no limits. Sounds like dream conditions for you – for the AirBreaker as well. On its home turf the AirBreaker will convince you. Extreme conditions demand for the best material to rely on. The AirBreaker provides perfectly balanced head climate and an airflow that feels like tailwind. At any time, in any terrain, in any position.

DASH Ventilation
AirBreaker technology

Whether ventilation or aero, weight or safety, the AirBreaker offers top features with the highest ABUS standard. Thanks to ActiCage lite -an integrated structural reinforcement- the AirBreaker provides maximum protection with minimal weight. The Floating Padding ensures optimal comfort. Thanks to the flutter-free FlowStraps, adjusting the helmet is nearly a thing of the past. AirPort is a true aero miracle: special temple channels let you safely and aerodynamically store your glasses in the helmet’s rear. The Zoom Ace system guarantees a perfect fit, precisely adjustable with a grippy wheel. A specially shaped slot within the adjustment system gives plenty of space to long hair and makes the AirBreaker ponytail compatible.

Testing in the wind tunnel
Hanka Kupfernagel - World Champion Individual TimeTrial 2007
Wind tunnel

With the aero helmet GameChanger, ABUS caused a revolution. Its contemporary design and innovative technologies build the platform for the AirBreaker. In extensive development work together with the pro riders of the Movistar Team and a constant testing in the wind tunnel, the AirBreaker has been optimized for the best ventilation and aero performances.

AirBreaker black red M

Road AirBreaker

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