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Balcony door/patio door Securing against break-in

All an intruder needs is a screwdriver and he/she can prise open an unsecured patio or balcony door in seconds.

And then he's in, inside your own four walls. Don't take chances and secure windows, patio doors and balcony doors against intruders.

This is what we recommend for you: 
One security lock per metre is the rule of thumb. For a very large window – for example, floor-to-ceiling patio windows or other large windows – reckon on around three additional security locks.

including alarm function
Security Level
Worry-free in the garden - thanks to the ABUS window security lock © ABUS

Secure your patio door Did you know?

The police crime statistics, which the Federal Ministry of the Interior publishes every spring, speak a clear language.

This is because most break-ins are via patio doors and windows that are easily accessible on the ground floor or first floor.

Therefore, secure your balcony or patio door with window security locks. They prevent the burglar from standing in your living room in no time. And even better: If it takes him/her longer than three minutes to break open a patio door, he/she moves on without having achieved anything. The danger of being heard or seen becomes far too delicate for him/her from this time onwards.

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